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Russian auto aceesories market analysis
Russian exhibitors prepare for
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According to the analysis described in the report of the Russian Ministry of Transportation, the country's auto parts manufacturer, has accounted for 80 percent of the national market share, but this share is declining.

Auto parts manufacturer in Russia, almost a few can compete with Western companies. This is mainly due to the low level of management, backward production technology and equipment levels, and lack of financing capacity of the modernization of Russian component manufacturers, the only competitive advantage is the low-priced products with the customer signed a barter agreement.
Russia's auto parts market investment opportunities

For foreign enterprises, the establishment of manufacturing enterprises in Russia will face a very good market opportunities: You can use advanced technology in the spare parts production, and sold to foreign-built car assembly plant, and the local automobile assembly plants and parts production companies generally have a great market demand of modern equipment.

Russian auto market for foreign companies is the fat one at your fingertips. Local OEM market is relatively small investment in Russia, parts manufacturing enterprises should consider other ways in order to maintain the scale of mass production, for example, expand the local automotive market, and Russia as an export base.

In the Russian investment companies often complain that the local suppliers of raw materials can not provide acceptable quality of raw materials, but were unable to find a sufficient number of suppliers. The Russian component manufacturers with foreign investors to invest in a plot to lobby the authorities ranged from two million to ten million U.S. dollars project to provide tax breaks.
The foreign auto makers recently have flocked to this fast-growing automotive market in Russia to engage in the production, but the shortage of local suppliers to bring some unfavorable factors to this trend.
In order to avoid the 25 percent tariffs on Russian levied on imported vehicle, a total of more than a dozen European and Asian car companies are or plan to cars, foreign brands produced in Russia car sales in Russia soared in the first ten months of this year 64 percent to 1.3 million. But these foreign brand car manufacturer in Russia is difficult to find competitive parts suppliers, because local suppliers in Russia rarely meet Western quality standards of the international parts enterprises in their whole car customers in Russia after the follow-up speed is very slow.
Arndt Fuhrmann at a meeting in Frankfurt, a senior purchasing manager of Ford (Russia) said: "Some parts enterprises to enter the Russian market there is still a concern. Ford in 2002, established an independent assembly plant in St. Petersburg, the plant now production capacity from 72,000 a year to 125,000. Ford in Russia there are 16 parts suppliers, many of which are the western parts suppliers affiliates.
For foreign car brands, the consumers of the country's pursuit of "good car" is a good news. Stanley Root said, analysts PricewaterhouseCoopers consulting firm in Russia, Russian foreign brand share of new car sales ratio rose from 15% five years ago to 85%. He said: "Despite the potential car production in Russia for two million, but the very shortage of parts enterprises, only a small number of OEMs such as Ford in Russia with local suppliers, many foreign car manufacturers rely on imported components. within five years, the localization rate of car value must reach 30 percent. "
The lack of Russian local parts enterprises
Russian local parts enterprises lack of competition can be attributed as follows:
1, and aging equipment, lack of equipment
2, lack of modern technology
3, the lower the quality of materials for
4, lack of investment funds
5, there is no contact with potential partners
The hesitation of foreign parts enterprises
Foreign parts companies do not have access to Russia's two main reasons:
A lower yield and future growth trends are not sure
2, start, higher operating expenses
3, Russia and low quality of raw materials
4, the bureaucratic burden and act to delay
Russian parts enterprises and government to develop the auto parts market in countermeasure
Analyst Analyst Stavrev Russian local parts enterprises can adopt three strategies to enhance their competitiveness:
1, for those who funded the enterprise, they can buy the international advanced technology, employ Western management personnel, the purchase of modern manufacturing equipment.
, Funding some of the less often to fewer employees, modern equipment and the establishment of an "incubator" units, to be bigger and stronger in the future.
3, the rest of the enterprise can set up a joint venture with international parts enterprises, in order to obtain technology.
In the three options, Stavrev that the joint venture is the most risky. He said: "I do not think it would be very smooth."
Russian government to build a modern production infrastructure, vehicles and auto parts imports imposed 25 percent tariffs. However, in 2005, the government most of the parts and components duty-free imports of car companies set up production plants in Russia, provided that in 5-7 years, the production car to achieve 30% localization rate. Many European and Asian brands of cars in accordance with this policy, signed an agreement to enter the market.
There are several international parts enterprises to enter the Russian market, including Siemens VDO, Bosch, ZF, Jiang, Johnson Controls and other, they are optimistic about the future, but at the same time, also known as found in Russia (where appropriate) resources is difficult, even The basic products such as steel and wiring harness.

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