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About Dubai
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Dubai Introduction

Dubai is the second-largest emirate of the UAE, covering an area of ​​3885 square kilometers, accounting for 5% of the total area of ​​the United Arab Emirates. 2002 population of 1,112,000. Dubai's economic strength ranked second in the UAE, about 70 percent of the UAE non-oil trade is concentrated in Dubai, it used to be called Dubai, United Arab Emirates "trade", it is also re-center of the entire Middle East region.
Dubai is the second largest emirate of the UAE, an area of ​​3885 square kilometers, about 5% of the total area, population 1.4 million (2004), about 30% of the total population. In addition to the capital city of Dubai, Jie Baile Ali Free Zone and Hata town and so on. Dubai's foreign population from 202 countries and regions. 1960 years ago, the pearling industry, fisheries and trade is a traditional pillar industry in Dubai. In 1969, Dubai oil production, it is estimated that oil reserves in 20 years will be depleted, present monthly output is 240 million barrels. The chiefs of a free economy policy of the past 20 years, Dubai used "oil dollars" to build a series of modern supporting infrastructure. With these facilities and excellent location, as well as traditional entrepot trade advantage, Dubai, vigorously develop the non-oil sector, the rapid economic and social development, has become the region's most important trade, transportation, tourism and shopping centers.
One of the largest city of the UAE, the Gulf and the whole Middle East region's ports and the most important trade center, Dubai Emirate capital. Is located in the Arab countries around the world at the intersection of trade with the Gulf oil rich countries neighboring South Asian subcontinent across the Arabian Sea, the sea a short distance from the European, Eastern and Southern Africa, and convenient transportation.

10 km long, called the Gulf of Hull through the city center, the urban area into two, convenient transportation, economic prosperity, the import and export trade is highly developed, known as the "Middle East". For centuries, there has been a businessman watched the harbor. Nearly 30 years, with a lot of oil revenues of $, Dubai grow at an alarming rate for a well-known modern and beautiful city with more than 20 million people.

Urban western half of the cars on the flyover contact, there are underwater the same lane, the beautiful bay, rich Arabic colors dhow shuttle transporting passengers in cross-strait. Urban area to commemorate the completion of the UAE, the first oil wells in the oil, was built in the 1960s oil on the monument holding a torch, is very striking. Far away from the monument, the Dubai Clock Tower and the fountain, clock tower's four pillars of radial and new architectural modeling. The city has no rivers, but has a large-scale waterworks.

Urban greening is very good street on both sides of the palm-lined road safety on the island flowers and lush with one of the tropical island scene. Built in the 1980s 35-storey Dubai World Trade Centre, the tallest building in the Middle East. Concentrated areas of Europe and the United States, in addition to the beautiful ultra-modern building also has a luxury supermarket; famous jewelry stores, gold shops and watch shop row upon row, all kinds of jewelry and merchandise everything, elegant costume contests.

The port is a window of Dubai; 1972 completed and put into use in Port Rashid, has the largest Middle East 1000 cargo pier, it is the world's busiest container Imperial port, an annual throughput of more than 1000 tons. Equipped with advanced navigation light, and many modern aids. Due to its important geographical location, the transfer of goods between Southeast Asia and Europe, through the port, you can save nearly half of the time 40% reduction in costs. There are more than 100 ocean-going vessels access to the port in the late 1980s. Completed in July 1975, Dubai, the other largest port Jebel Ali Port, the world's largest man-made port. In 1980, the Alishan area become a free zone, the port has 67 deep water berths, there are many modern container distribution market and warehouse.

The city there are 22 government trade center, 12,000 industrial and commercial enterprises, numerous hotels, restaurants. To adapt to the pace of fast-paced era, built a multi-storey car parks, underground tunnels, the outskirts of built highways and overpasses. At present, international flights flying through Dubai reached over 50, leading to more than 100 cities around the world each year up to more than 500 million passengers transported; freight by semi-automated processing system processing capacity of 25,000 tons. >ó^já c="At present, it also has thousands of foreign trading company offices, the trade center's exhibition hall is no longer enough to hire. " b="Ló>>ó^já">At present, it also has thousands of foreign trading company offices, the trade center's exhibition hall is no longer enough to hire. Dubai has been regarded as the best trade of the Middle East city.

UAE port city of Dubai, the largest commercial port in the Gulf and the Middle East, known as the "business" reputation.

An aerial view of Dubai International Airport

Dubai, English Writing Dubai, also translated as Dubai, the UAE's most affluent city in the Middle East, but for those of us "color" of the believers, the monotonous, boring many, in addition to black is white. Walking the streets in Dubai, the man almost all dressed in white robes, while women are kept in a black robe from head to toe, revealing only the eyes. I think, here is a woman walking down the street and never worry about someone looking back, because no one would know the inside of the black clothes crush or old woman. I asked the guide was curious to why women do not wear white robes? The tour guide said that white easily emptied. "

The most famous dogwood in Dubai Jumeirah Grand Mosque, pineapple pattern on the dome, the lofty minarets, and declared a solemn Qur'an. One like the shadow Friends of the photo shoot took a fancy to the mosque exterior structure of delicate, chic style rose window. He thought quickly and decided to add a little color, then let his girlfriend take off his coat, wrapped in a low-cut flowing red dress, leaning against the white pane sets up a "Pu disabilities. Quite proud of his own color contrast screen idea, where the rich religious, and monotonous color is simply an unexpected beautiful scenery! At this time, an Arab guy walked over and he gestures up. English will not be unreasonable Arabic

. The gestures of a long time before understand that the mosque is not allowed a woman so topless exposed arm. Photographic quite disappointed that his girlfriend dressed, side to apologize to edge away to the camera.

In fact, some local color is so simple it almost does not allow more beautiful. But the U.S. is found. Behind at the Dubai airport, a man wearing a white robe is often followed by four crape wrapped sternly woman, a man empty-handed leisurely, luggage is four women to take, according to Muslim religious rules, every man can marry four wife, that situation is really the envy of our group of men for quite a while. A shadow Friends of capture live such a strong contrast of black and white contrast, there is a later become the award-winning works.

Dubai - the Middle East portal

Important Middle East market for Chinese exporters, of which Dubai is a portal into the Middle East. In addition to the ideal trading environment, Dubai can also provide you with the world's hard to find a safe living environment and elegant lifestyle.

The ancient Silk Road opened up the date, the Middle East has set up a bridge between Europe and the Far East. Today, this unique position ultimately benefited many intermediary institutions headquartered in the Gulf region. Gill James, regional economist at Standard Chartered Bank estimates that the future prospects will be better, the economy, after the United Arab Emirates in 1999 after shrinking, will step into the recovery is expected in 2000.

The Persian Gulf countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Arabian Gulf Cooperation Council (AGCC) member states. With oil prices pick up, they are emerging from the shadow of the Asian financial crisis. United Arab Emirates with huge oil and gas reserves, the two types of economic take off together is: the oil industry is concentrated in the political capital of Abu Dhabi, and a variety of services are concentrated in Dubai.

Economies of many countries of the region developed, but because of its oil wealth and the resulting modern consciousness, in the Gulf region has become an open, making money and diversified market A journalist recently wrote: "In the desert, revealed a trace of optimism, this place is becoming very noisy."

Popular industry investment opportunities

Mr. Hamid, Arthur Andersen Business Consulting in the Middle East, especially in the United Arab Emirates, the electronics industry does exist a certain business opportunities, sales industry and energy related industries with better prospects.

United Arab Emirates has a population of 2.5 million (three quarters of them from the more underdeveloped countries such as Egypt, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and the Philippines, migrant workers). Its economy in the Gulf region is the most diverse and most vibrant. From 1989 to 1994, its gross domestic product (GDP) growth of at least 6 percent since 1990, its non-oil sector accounts for about two-thirds of its gross domestic product (GDP).

Although oil prices fall, but investment in infrastructure such as ports, highways and a larger airport to continue full speed ahead (6 very close to the international airport in the United Arab Emirates). Guests from China will see that the people here is to build more highways and a continuous battle, will be infected with the kind of spirit of optimism.

Although the competition is very intense, but the daily electronic products and food imports are still filled with the entire market. In the high-end goods and services, such as telecommunications, health care products and agricultural products also contain a lot of opportunities.

Dhows loaded with all kinds of goods from Dubai Creek Port towards the countries in the Middle East

Despite the harsh natural environment, the Arab Gulf Cooperation Council countries steadfastly green the desert and efforts to achieve food self-sufficiency, great progress has been made. Therefore, there are many opportunities in the field of agricultural development and follow-up processing.

Look at any one of the Dubai City 25 or more dazzling American shopping mall, or into the more traditional gold jewelry market, people will understand how high the degree of market opening in Dubai. Of course, the United Arab Emirates there are still a low value-added processing industry, its products enjoy duty-free treatment in the neighboring Arab Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

Dubai re-exports to the surrounding less developed and prosperous market-oriented to middle and low sales of equipment and consumer goods, there are also many opportunities. Machinery, cars, gold products, electronics and textiles in such trade, the dominant, and many trade is still conducted through the traditional channels.

Market liberalization import duty

Dubai's wealth is built on re-exports rather than oil on top. About a century, Dubai has been the most important gateway into the Persian Gulf.

In the city of Dubai's Creek Harbour, people can still be seen teak dhows arranged in rows, loaded with refrigerators and air conditioners, rice and flour, Toyota light trucks, and even Land, Yover licensing ambulances, these vessels are all open go to the Persian Gulf ports, Bombay bazaar and African countries.

The business partner of Arthur Andersen & Co. in Dubai Ha Germany Ahmad Kazim said: "Dubai has been a trading center. Municipal government, pragmatic, and adhere to an open and creative in the Middle East is second to none". However, Mr. Ha to Germany, warned that the government's work still needs to increase transparency, the need for a faster response of the legal system.

Added: Hamid Saeed, vice president of Citibank in the local and Singapore, good management is very important in this city. Policy makers should be the same as the management of enterprises urban governance. "

Dubai's market there is no foreign exchange controls, very open, easy access. The import duty is generally 4%, and first-class level of telecommunications facilities to provide services for the prosperity of the financial and service sectors. Energy is sufficient, even tap water, this once plagued the long-standing problem of the Arab world, and now can be solved by desalination of sea water desalination.

The transport infrastructure is comparable with any developed place in the world. Conversion as sea and air hub, the Dubai airport taking off and landing nearly 300 flights and flew about 130 destinations. In 1985, the country set up its own international airlines - Emirates, the company since its inception has maintained a proven track record.

Dubai Port Rashid and Jebel Ali Port will be included in the sea transport, and over 125 of the world's major shipping routes. Jebel Ali is the world's largest artificial harbor, built 65 berths, a span of up to 15 km. The port is surrounded by a tax-free zones, foreign-funded enterprises in the region can have 100% ownership of, and may be exempt from company tax and personal tax. In addition, the allocation of profits to return home without restrictions. Free zones certified by Lloyds, Middle East, the only cold storage.

Gathered many well-known brands, such as Aiwa, Brother, Casio, Nokia, and Sony, the 15 Hong Kong companies have begun operations here. At the Dubai airport, a new light industrial free zone has been put into operation.

Dubai's retail, entertainment and tourism growth is strong, to improve its image through aggressive promotional activities. Similar luxury cars and gold bars, amazing great gift, as well as discounts in the city within Dubai's annual shopping festival features. Port Authority Chairman Shopping Festival Committee members Sultan Ahmed Ben Sulai Mu said: "The success of the shopping festival help to establish the position of the United Arab Emirates as a regional tourist center and the impact of this success continues to expand . "

The shopping festival the whole city into a theme park. In 1998, its huge success attracted more than 200 million visitors, bringing more than 1 billion U.S. dollars of the consumer.

Import agent magical wand

70% of Dubai imported goods after sub-exported to other countries, usually output to the neighboring Islamic countries. Iran is the largest export destination countries, Afghanistan and Azerbaijan, fourth and sixth place. People may be more willing to see these markets are still under the control of the Dubai business community.

Dubai, with permits importers to engage in import business, therefore, in order of re-exports to other regions of the Middle East through Dubai, and to establish a continuous development of business relationships in Dubai, you need to find a resident agent . The agent must be a United Arab Emirates company or individual. Formal agency relationship only after a trial period to confirm the very difficult to revoke an agency agreement. The importance of a reliable local partner no matter what can not be overstated. Articulate the key factor for businesses to win the personality of course is also very important.

Located in the local resident rent and other expenses are quite high, but in the long run, income is much greater. Where businessmen prefer to deal with the people they are familiar. Confidence in their interpersonal relationships and the same digital.

A capable organizer can greatly shorten the time to open a firm in the local. Establish branches or representative offices easier than to set up a limited liability company. Requirements of local nationals in accordance with local laws, set up a limited liability company to occupy 51% of the shares, tax-free zone exception, where the owners have more exposure to off-shore "region, the establishment of their local processing or distribution base.
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