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2012 LED lights market and the prospects for the development of? ?
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Automotive light sources occupy a pivotal position in the lighting field, with its output accounting for about 10% of the whole of lighting production. If a car's lighting replaced the LED requires more about the 400 to 600 LEDs. Indeed, as early as 10 years ago, the LEDs onto a journey to enter the automotive field. At present, the LED in the vehicle, the proportion of the external lighting has exceeded 80%.

Environmentally friendly and durable LED front lights horizon

Automotive Headlamp LED, has been a hard nut to crack. Spacing and brightness of lighting, LED seldom used in headlight illumination. Can cope with the heat dissipation problem through the use of high-efficiency drive
"Without a doubt, a large sector automobile headlights is still incandescent." Linear Technology's power supply product, product marketing director TonyArmstrong frankly, nothing more, this upper hand from now on will be from high-intensity discharge (HID pressure) lamps and high-brightness (HB) LED headlights. HID lamps in the late 1990s, the first to be as car headlights. Nothing more, produce and manufacture of this lamp is very expensive, their use has been limited to high-end car.

"At present, approximately 15% of new cars equipped with the HID." The Semiconductor car product marketing engineer PaulDecloedt estimated. However, because the HID light output is too close to the car, pedestrians constitute the dazzling glare of the risk.

In addition, the HID start instant 35,000-volt high-pressure, may interfere with car stereos and other appliances. Tried the owners of the xenon lamp, xenon lamp under the sky of rain, snow fog penetration is relatively poor. PaulDecloedt said: "did not feel and halogen lamps much worse."

Tony Armstrong is more optimistic about the HBLEDs, he thought that the HBLED would replace the HID headlight applications. He said: "the HBLEDs before light the next 10 years will be thrown high growth."

LED high beam and the first light of the main bottlenecks is the thermal management

Difficult to find, LED front lamps are mostly turned up in luxury cars, especially sports car is more common. PaulDecloedt thought: "Using LED headlamps in vehicle styling more changes." LED headlamps are more compact than incandescent, HID, the overall vehicle design can also be a more linear flow. PaulDecloedt further pointed out that "compact" is not only the LED lights smaller, but also because the optical components and electronic circuit also followed with LED corresponding to thin.

In addition, the LED there are many other upper hand, such an instant turn-on, no warm-up, easier to control brightness. In addition, do not forgetful LED killer broke into the lighting industry - long life. Because the LED's long life, eliminating the replacement headlight bulb "subject.

The emergence of the LED energy saving and environmental protection of the automotive world wind of blowing exactly in line with a green and efficient environmental requirements. "The LED is a green light, monochromatic spectrum, there is no excess IR, UV spectroscopy, does not contain harmful substances mercury, radiation and few." Shenzhen Secom Telecom Limited, a senior applications engineer Liu Wei said LED light source has a more high lumen LED solid state lighting, HID lamps, quartz glass and other vulnerable movable parts, with excellent seismic failure is very low, almost maintenance-free.

LED headlamp brightness controversial

Standard LED headlights LexusRX450h Forum, are hot RX450h LED headlamp. "Even playing in front of the the timbre car insurance pole tangent is also very light blue, light type, and even the headlights the corner of recognizable is better than it.

HID and LED lights keep pace

While at home and abroad with LED headlights process is different, ON Semiconductor, Linear Technology, Secom Telecom agree, the future trend of the headlights based on the HID, the LED-based.

( Written :Erik Xian )  
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